Punda Milia Cashew nuts

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Roasted / UnSalted

Product Description

Punda Milia is Swahili for Zebra. Millions of zebras roam Serengeti National Park. Zebras do not like being referred to as Simba snacks.

TanzaNutz Jumbo Cashew Nuts are uncommonly large cashew nuts hand-sorted for size by the farmers. Try TanzaNutz Dry Roasted/Unsalted cashew nuts and you will likely agree that Tanzanian cashews are so good, they don’t need salt.

TanzaNutz are a product of Tanzania. The cashews are grown, harvested and packaged in Tanzania. The packaging was designed and manufactured in Tanzania.

Production has started and the first containers ship in October 2022. Order now to get your share of a limited supply.


The best cashew nuts in the world are from Tanzania. The best cashew nuts in Tanzania are TanzaNutz.